Brussels Invest & Export Welcomes Chinese Delegation at Realty 2016

Brussels Invest and Export Welcomes Delegation of Chinese Companies at Realty Brussels 2016
Brussels Invest and Export is fully prepared to welcome and meet local and global investors at the Realty Fair 2016 (24-25 May) in Brussels. Top-level leaders from the Government of Brussels Capital Region and Brussels Invest and Export will be present to express Brussels' goodwill and more importantly, to communicate directly with participating investors.
Brussels Invest and Export has been a consistent and strong supporter for the real estate industry, and Realty offers a good opportunity to fulfill this objective. As Realty unfolds, a VIP program has been created to enable participating investors to get a comprehensive view of Brussels' market and to create a network of highly valuable contacts. Distinguished guests will be welcomed by a well-prepared dinner on 24 May, while on 25 May, programs get even richful. High-positioned leaders will join those investors to talk through issues of great concern.  Those high-level figures include Mrs. Cecile Jodogne, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade and Foreign Investments, E. de Beughem, Brussels Invest and Export, Mr. Gilles Delforge, Brussels Planification Bureau and Mr. Pierre Lemaire of ADT. The list of the VIP program also compasses Realty Investors Day, Complimentary Networking Lunch, Meetings with Real Estate Professionals, CBRE Investment Seminar, and Exclusive Realty Night. 
With this well-thought VIP program, Brussels Invest and Export firmly believes that our distinguished guests are capable of making their trip a fruitful one. Brussels welcomes you! Brussels Invest and Export is there for you! Let's meet in Realty Fair 2016!